We are capable of providing the Civil engineering consultancy services for entire plant & non plant structures, right from the Coal handling area to Switch yard and sub-station buildings. Please see the detailed scope of work offering in the separate block.
List of buildings in the order of process taking place for the captive power Industry.

1. Coal Crusher

2. Conveying system ,junction Towers/Transfer points and conveyor supports

3. Coal bunker Building and Mill foundation.

4. Boiler house.

5. E S P building, ID ,FD Fan foundations.

6. E S P Inlet & Out let duct supports, Flue duct supports

7. Chimney ( Guided / free standing one).

8. T.G Building and T.G Foundation.

9. Cooling house/System building.

10. Fly ash Silos.

11. Load centre buildings.

12. Foundations of all equipments , Fans, Mills etc.

13. Effluent treatment area

14. Transformer yard and Soak pits.

15. work shop buildings

16. Pipe and cable racks, Cable Trenches etc.