We are capable of providing the Civil, Structural and Architectural engineering consultancy services for entire plant & non plant structures, right from the Mining structures to cement packing and dispatch structures.
There are three distinct areas in a Cement plant in the order of process taking place.
CRUSHING: Primary Crusher building, Secondary Crusher building, Lime stone stockpile, Coal stockpile, Mixing and blending, Roller press building for lime stone, Raw material Hopper Structure, Raw Mill Building, Raw meal silo, Additives and Dump Hopper Sturctures.
PRE-CLINKERISATION: Kiln feed building, Preheater building Includes calcinatory, Rotary Kiln piers, Bag House , Coal Crusher Building, Coal Mill building, Clinker cooler building, Cooler ESP and Stack, Clinker storage Tank. Deep pan/bucket conveyor, Dust and Gas Transport System.
POST-CLINKERISATION( Grinding unit): Roller Press building, Cement Mill Hopper Building and Cement Mill Bag House, Cement grinding mill building, Cement storage silos, Fly ash silos, Packing plant building, Cement bags Storage building, Wagon Loading Structure, Wagon tippler hopper Building, Truck tippler hopper Building.
CONVEYING SYSTEM: For all the above areas, Conveyors are provided for Transporting materials to required locations, Conveyor Galleries-Open / closed, Trestles supports, Transfer towers,VGTU Support structure,HGTU Support structures, Bag Filters and Air Fans, Supporting Structures at Transport hours.
SPECIAL STRUCTURAL STEEL STRUCTURES: Multi bay Lattice portal structure of 59m Span for Raw material covering shed, Hot air and Gas transport duct supporting structures, L.S Crusher building super structure with crane supporting columns, Structural steel dome for clinker tank roof covering, Supporting structure for Gas and dust transport ducts b/w pre-heater and Raw, Deep bucket conveyor supporting structures and Belt conveyor gallery and Trestles
NON-PLANT AND INFRASTRUCTURAL Structures (Utilities Structures): Load Center buildings like switch yard and MCC Rooms etc., Stores Building, Gate Office, Water Treatment Plant, Compressor House, Cable Trenches, Mines Office, Administrative building, Canteen building, Work shop building, weigh bridge buildings, internal roads, causeways, culverts, Internal storm water drainage system etc.