At present our scope of service limited to "Coal handling area and Infrastructure facility structures.
The major process Involved in Thermal Power Industry are
  • Generating steam in the boiler by burning the coal.
  • Conversion of the Thermal energy to mechanical power in the steam turbine.
  • Conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy in the Generator and dispatching the electrical power so generated through the Switch Yard and High voltage Transmission system.
In all types of thermal power plants, General principle of thermal power plant cycle is known a " Rankine cycle". Based on this theory, the heat energy contained in the fuel burnt in the boiler is converted into Electrical energy. In the Thermal power plant the prime mover is a steam driven turbine. Water is heated in a boiler to generate steam at a specified pressure and temperature to suit the steam turbine design parameters. The steam generated in the boiler spins the steam turbine, which drives an electrical generator coupled directly, thereby producing electrical power. After passing through the turbine, the steam is condensed in a condenser and the condensed water is recycled to the boiler in a closed steam and water circuit.
To familiarize the various systems and equipments of the relevant Power Plant. The Climatic conditions of a place play a significant part in the economics of capital Investment in the areas of ventilation and cooling arrangements in the Power Plant. The Proximity of air fields and the Air safety regulation must be taken into account before locating the power station.
The geology of the site should be reasonably good in load bearing capacity as this affects the cost of the foundation. Water for Power Stations is required primarily for steam generation and then for condenser and auxiliary cooling purposes. Direct/Once through Cooling will be possible only if perennial rivers, canals, or huge lakes are available. Coal supplies for power station, The efficient burning of high ash content coals for thermal power generation calls for special consideration.
A). Coal Handling plant Area.
B). Infrastructural works in a coal fired thermal power plants.
A ) COAL HANDLING PLANT AREA: The following are the list of buildings in the order of process taking place.
  • Track hopper structure
  • Wagon tippler structure
  • Crusher house building
  • Transfer house / junction towers,
  • Control room building,
  • Pump house for DS system,
  • Tunnels & other Misc civil works etc
  • All cable trenches and pipe trenches
  • Stacker-reclaimer foundations and crusher foundations.
  • All roads inside the power plant and to the buildings and structures in the plant area.
  • Causeways / Culverts & Road crossings etc. in the plant area.
  • Effluent treatment plant building.
  • All roads inside the power plant and to the buildings and structures in the plant area.
  • Civil and Structural works for conveyor galleries,
01. Wagon Tipplers : For Tippling the coal wagons / Un loading Box type wagons.
Coal received through box type wagons will be unloaded through the wagon trippler. There are two types of wagon tipplers.1) With inhaul beetle 2) Outhaul beetle mechanism for placement of the wagons on the tippler platform with motor drive for tripling the wagon. The other type of wagon tippler is with side arm charger mechanism with hydraulic operation for placement of wagon on the tippler platform and also for operation of the tippler. Only one wagon can be tippled at a time with wagon tippler. In the case of wagon tippler the tippler hopper will be designed to accommodate two wagons quantity. The coal will be made to flow on to the conveyor by the operation of the vibratory feeders.
02. Track Hopper : For Unloading BOBR wagons
This is another type of arrangement where the bottom opening type ( BOBR)wagon will be unloaded. Number of wagons can be unloaded in to the hopper at a time. The number of wagons depends upon the length of the track hopper designed. In case of track hopper the hopper is made up of concrete and the capacity of the hopper will be designed either for one or two rakes quantity. The coal will be made to flow on to the conveyors by the operation of the paddle feeders. Imp note: The coal tippled either by the wagon tippler or unloaded into the track hopper will be conveyed on to a common conveyor at the first transfer point from where the coal will flow to the crusher house.
Operation of the conveyors:
For starting the system the final conveyor shall be started first and the rest of the conveyors shall be started in descending order one after the other. While stopping the conveyors the first conveyor shall be stopped first and the other conveyors shall be stopped in the ascending order one after the other. Interlocks will be provided to achieve this sequence without fail.
03. Coal Conveyors : To uncrushed yard. To coal crusher house and to coal bunkers in the boiler house
For transporting the coal from wagon tippler hopper or track hopper to the crusher house and then to the coal bunkers through tippers. Under the wagon tippler vibratory feeders will be there to ensure free flow of coal on the belt conveyors from the Tippler hoppers. Under the track hopper there will be paddle feeders to ensure free flow of coal on to the belt conveyors. Both conveyors from the wagon tippler and from the track hopper will feed the coal to a common conveyor at the common junction tower from where the coal will be transported to the crusher house.
Junction towers:
Whenever theconveyor changes,the coal will be transferred on to the next conveyor at this point.
04. Coal Crusher House : To crushed coal yard. To coal bunkers in the boiler house.
The Crusher house is another Vital location of the coal handling system.The main equipment of the crusher house is
  • Surge Hopper
  • Grizzly feeders
  • Vibrating screens
  • Coal crushers
The coal received from the mines will be of (-) 300mm size which will be crushed to 25mm in the crushers.The crushing will be donein two stages in the primary crushers and secondary crushers.The crushed coal will be fed to the coal bunkers through travelling trippers.The trippers can be shifted from one bunker to the other bunker to feed the coal to all the bunkers.Rotary magnetic separator will be kept in service before the coal is fed into the surge hopper to remove all the magnetic materials from the coal going to crusher to avoid unnecessary over loading of the crushers.Further suspended magnets will be kept in service on the tripper conveyors to pick up any ferrous materials from the crushed coal.
05. Stacker -Reclaimer : For stacking the coal ( both uncrushed and crushed coal) For reclaiming the uncrushed coal to coal crusher house and feeding crushed coal to coal bunkers in the boiler house.
The crushed coal will be fed to the bunkers in the bunker house and when the bunkers have become full, the crushed coal will be stacked in the crushed coal yard through the stacker reclaimer.The stacker reclaimer will either stack the coal or reclaim the coal from the yard and send to coal bunkers wherever it is necessary.
There will be two coal yards in any coal fired thermal power stations, called (1) Uncrushed Coal Yard & (2) Crushed Coal Yard. The Stacker cum Reclaimer will be used for unloading the coal into the crushed/uncrushed coal yard and also for reclaiming the coal from the respective yards in case of necessity i.e., when sufficient coal wagons are not being received to meet the daily requirement of the power plant.
    B ) INFRASTRUCTURAL WORKS in a coal fired thermal power plants.
  • Administrative Building
  • Canteen Building
  • Fire station building
  • Work shop buildings
  • Stores buildings
  • Roads and plant internal Drains
  • Sewage collection, treatment and disposable buildings / works
  • Road weigh bridge area and control room
  • Watch towers
C ) Architectural and Design Engineering services for TOWN SHIPS /Residential colony
  • Preparation of conceptual drawings
  • Color perspectives
  • Master lay outs of Infrastructural facilities
  • Preparation of Architectural floor plans & elevations for all blocks / Facilities
  • Preparation of drawings / documents for approval from Statutory Authorities.
  • Preparation of drawings for roads layout ,street lighting, storm water drainage, rain water harvesting system, gate complex and compound wall
  • Preparation of Internal layouts of Individual blocks of Electrical, plumbing and water supply, design and drawings.
  • Preparation of external water supply & sewage system, manholes etc.
  • Gate complex, compound wall
  • Storm water drainage, external water supply and external sewage system.
  • Electrical lay out drawings
  • Preparation of specifications .BOQ and Estimates
  • Preparation of Architectural and structural working drawings
  • Entire layout & Residential Quarters shall be planned keeping ion view of the " VASTHU" aspects to the maximum.
D )Recreation Facilities in TOWN SHIPS /Residential colony
  • Outdoor games such as Volly ball, cricket, basket ball, skating rink, lawn Tennis Etc.
  • Jogging Track
  • Swimming pool
  • Children play areas
  • Bus bays
  • Community centers